Self-fulfilling Title?

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but I really haven’t had “Writer’s Block”–although, I have had a few moments savoring the irony since so much time has lapsed since my last post. I’m trying to juggle writing my novel with writing my blog and the 5000+ other things in my life that call for attention. My novel has been winning, I’m happy to say…

What started me on this trek? Besides that I’ve always been a writer, from short stories as a child to poetry to songs, I made a list–a very important list–a few years ago on my birthday. I’m not a “New Year’s Resolution” kinda girl, but I wanted to set some goals for myself and tell myself what’s really important. “Writing a novel” wasn’t on the list–but all the ingredients were!

Resolutions for a happier life:

Enjoy things more… moments w/hubby and the kids, nature, etc…

Spend more time alone.

Spend more time with friends.

Spend less time doing crafts. You like the products, but you HATE the process.

Spend more time with God and dwelling on good, right, and lovely…

Roll with things and laugh more!

Learn new things.

Find a quiet job for 2011 that you would LOVE!

“More time alone” has been my writing time. And I’ve been saving my creative energy for writing instead of using it on crafting. “Find a quiet job”–not that I don’t love my part-time “day job”–but writing has become my quiet (full-time) job I love…

Are you inspired to make your own list? It’s fun to look back and see if you’ve achieved your goals. I think that if I didn’t start my list, I wouldn’t have started writing or any of this….

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