Messy Room

Our Moving Truck Mess

I know it’s shocking, but my kids have perpetually messy rooms. Oh, they “clean” them, sure. And it will look clean–on the surface. But if I open drawers or the closet, peek under the bed or in the “dirty” clothes bin… If I pull out all that stuff? It’s messier than it was before!

Now, when I’ve got my “good mom” hat on (and the time), I sit down in the room with them and help sort, instructing them what goes where (even though they already know!).

But it’s WAY easier to try to hide the mess than to actually clean it up. And that’s when it hit me:

I do that with my SIN!!!

Instead of dealing with it head-on, I stuff it under my bed or hide it the waaaaay back of the closet to clean up another day. And if you opened the door to my room, it looks pretty clean.

But the mess is still there.

Sometimes, in those moments when I’m listening really well, the Lord is with me, gently pulling out the mess from the nooks. And makes a big pile. Overwhelming.

But one thing at a time, He is helping me clean up my room.

Someday, a really long time from now, my room will be clean. Really clean.


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