A Found Poem

This “found poem” isn’t a real “found poem” (those are poems you make from words already written), but I literally found this poem tucked away in a drawer this week while I was sorting and cleaning. I thought it was worth sharing because I loved the imagery, especially at the end:

Through a Child’s Eyes
by Sara Marie Allen

A child’s face reveals the horror of the cross,
of violent crown,
terrible mocking,
heaviness of wood and exhaustion,
sadness of nails piercing flesh,
of blood and water flowing,
grief of burdens and sin separating.

Once numb to the gruesome cost of forgiveness,
Now tears
roll down my cheeks,
and stone is flesh again–
Moving aside to reveal
resurrection of the heart.


About saramarieallen

Poet. Singer. Writer. Mom.
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2 Responses to A Found Poem

  1. Sooooo glad you found and shared this!

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