My ____th Birthday…

I just had a birthday. And felt a little older. Okay, maybe a LOT older. For some reason, some numbers bother me more than others! Isn’t it odd how birthdays switch from being these wonderful celebrations of the passing of years (up to a certain age) to marks on a calendar marching toward the end? (I know I’m in the middle, but still–it switched) Again, I wrote a poem like I always do when I’m feeling… older… Enjoy! (I think there may be a poetry chapbook in the making with all these poems–we’ll see how many more I write!)

Sara's 10th bday

My 10th birthday–back when birthdays were celebrations! BTW, my dad in the background was YOUNGER than I am now… Weird!

“__” (my age)
By Sara Marie Allen

Don’t say it’s just a number,
That, for my age, I’m cute.
Don’t tell me I’m still young inside
My wrinkled birthday suit.
Just light up all those candles,
On my favorite dessert,
And hand over the presents,
To help take away the hurt.
Another year is finished,
With one fewer left to go.
And birthdays, once a fun affair,
Have now become my foe.


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7 Responses to My ____th Birthday…

  1. For many years, I’ve looked at birthdays a little differently than most women do. My sister dreaded turning the big 40, but she died in a car crash at age 39. From that time on, I’ve looked at birthdays as presents from the Lord — another year on earth with those I love. But of course, as your cute poem notes, the birthday suit does get more wrinkled with each candle added to the cake!

    • Of course, I know your perspective is right–it’s just harder to remember some days than others:) Each day is a complete gift… And when you have battled for more years or seen years that could have been just torn away, aging (and many other things in life) come into a correct focus. I meditated on Psalm 139 this year for my birthday… “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Love your take on this:) Thanks!

      • Oh, Sara, you meditated on one of the verses that gave me courage, and peace, when I was first diagnosed with cancer! Glad you got to mediate on it for a happier reason.

  2. andrea burtt says:

    LOVE this!!
    and i sooo know the number that belongs in that blank!! 😉 😉
    girl, we make the number look beautiful!!! 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    Such a cute, fun poem!! I love that I can say “I knew her when…” regarding your picture. Wish I could know you better now, but so thankful for your blog.

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