Photo Friday #4… sort of…

devotional pictureHere’s where I may be crossing a line, friends. And if I am, well, sorry. But my photo Friday is the cover of a devotional magazine, which has one of mine in it! To top it off, this is my first paid-for-print. I feel funny writing about this, but I wanted you to know that I have taken a baby step in the world of publishing. Hopefully, it is not an isolated event… And thanks to all of you who support me–and my writing. Feel the love, and celebrate along with me!


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Poet. Singer. Writer. Mom.
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7 Responses to Photo Friday #4… sort of…

  1. Linda says:

    Sara, we are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Please let us see a copy of your devotional printed in the magazine as we would not see it otherwise. Love, Linda and Jim

  2. Nancy says:

    Agreed!! Way to go Sara!! So very excited for you.

  3. anncall62 says:

    Sara, that is very exciting! I would love to see it too! Blessings

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