Funny, Shallow, Non-Christmas Thought…

I know it’s Christmas time, but I wrote something about our move that I want to share (the photo is of the back of our moving truck in August):

My MarblesOur Moving Truck Mess
by Sara Marie Allen

I think I lost my marbles.
I may never get them back.
I can’t think where I put them
Like my brain’s under attack.
The last time that I saw them,
They were scattered on the floor.
And I thought I picked them up…
But I’m not sure anymore.
If you find my marbles,
Would you kindly let me know?
Because without my marbles,
My brain works really slow.


About saramarieallen

Poet. Singer. Writer. Mom.
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1 Response to Funny, Shallow, Non-Christmas Thought…

  1. Fantastic poem, Sara! I lost my marbles years ago…!

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