Signs of getting older…

So, Friday, I was sitting poolside, enjoying the day… and Saturday morning I realized that I was a whole new level of OLD! Yes, I must’ve been squinting while I was out there, because I have tan lines–yes, WHITE tan lines–in my forehead wrinkles! Horrified, I had to write a poem about it (isn’t it fun to chronicle the aging process here? See my post on gray hair from February):

New Tan Lines
By Sara Marie Allen

Tan lines on my forehead!
(I feel so old right now.)
White tracks where my wrinkles
Sit upon my brow.
Squinting in the blazing sun,
My crinkled skin, protected.
(I didn’t streak the sunblock
So just creases were affected.)
I think perhaps some Botox
Might keep me tan line free—
But for now, I’m laughing
At the zebra that is me.


About saramarieallen

Poet. Singer. Writer. Mom.
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1 Response to Signs of getting older…

  1. andrea burtt says:

    you need to wear sunglasses, young lady!!
    …helps prevent crows feet from squinting too 😉
    …and you SO don’t look old!!!!
    we’re like fine wine & improve with age!! 🙂

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