Mother’s Day Song (get the tissues)

I wrote a song for my mom one Mother’s Day–only she discovered the words before I could perform it for her. I found her holding the words, crying… And now that I’m a mom, I KNOW this song is true. Enjoy!!!

Mommy’s Little Girl (click here to play)
 By Sara Marie Allen

You held her close the day that she was born.
You held her dear though you were tired and worn—
Mommy’s little girl,
Oh, she was your world.
You never thought you’d see her go away.
But now she’s grown up and that “never” is today.

Oh, mommy’s little girl
Out there in the world.
You wonder if she’s happy, if she’s safe.
Now she’s on her own,
Though she’s never all alone,
Mommy’s girl is now your closest friend.
You can’t wait ‘til you see her again.

Now that she’s gone away, things aren’t the same.
She’s not running around calling your name.
But when you hear her voice,
When she comes home, you rejoice.
It seems just like she’s right where she belongs—
It’s too bad that she can’t stay very long.

You pray for her each day on bended knee.
Such a privilege for you to intercede.
‘Cause Christ’s love spans the miles
Between you and your child.
May she grow closer to Him everyday,
Sometimes all a mom can do is kneel and pray.


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Poet. Singer. Writer. Mom.
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1 Response to Mother’s Day Song (get the tissues)

  1. This is the most beautiful song ever written about a mother’s love for her daughter.

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