Thank You Notes

It seems that thank you notes are becoming a thing of the past. I know that I still expect them, and I still write them (sometimes late, but I usually still write them). In this day and age, maybe a tweet or email or wall post suffices. I don’t really know. BUT, I do know that if I’m thankful for something someone else has given or done for me, I should let them know… Maybe take a minute today, and write a note, email, or text to let someone know you’re thankful.

Many years ago, I was overwhelmed by my wedding thank you note list. People were very generous to us, and I had a LOT of notes to write! As with any strong emotion in my life, this inspired a poem:

“Thank-you Notes” by Sara Marie Allen

I like getting gifts—it’s lots of fun—
But I can’t get those thank-you’s done!
So many notes—so much to write—
I slave and slave night after night.
Every time a note is finished,
My “To-do” list is not diminished!
I feel so guilty, so uptight;
Weeks have passed—it’s just not right!
And so I sit and “thank” away,
Knowing they’ll be done someday.


About saramarieallen

Poet. Singer. Writer. Mom.
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