Feeling Seussalicious

I loved Dr. Seuss books as a child, as a babysitter, as a teacher, and now as a parent. So to celebrate his birthday today, I have written my own Seuss-style homage.


by Sara Marie Allen

There once were two Snoogleboos,
Snoogle One and Snoogle Two.
Snoogle One said to Two,
“I’m in love with you!
Marry me,
And together we’ll be!”
Snoogle Two said to One,
“My thinking is done—
I say ‘yes’ and I’ll follow
Wherever you go!”
So soon they were married,
O’er the threshold he carried
Mrs. Snoogleboo,
Snoogle Number Two.

Mr. Snoogle decided to travel, one day.
Mrs. Snoogle said, “By your side I will stay!
Oh, dear Mr. Snoogleboo, wherever you go
I’m coming along, too, don’t you know?”

So over the mountains, and down through the valley,
From Callamazoo to the brink of Sadalley,
From up high to down low,
Driving fast, walking slow,
They traveled wherever they wanted to go.

They traveled in sunshine; they traveled in snowstorms.
They traveled in rain, in windstorms and sandstorms,
In Winter and Spring, from Summer to Fall,
Those Snoogleboos two, they traveled it all.
From the Alps to the desert, from river to sea,
And what came along? Snoogleboo Three!

The new parents said, “We’d better not roam.
Our new Snoogleboo needs a place to call home.”

The Snoogleboo family arrived at their town,
And the three Snoogleboos soon settled down.
Then followed more Snoogles, Four through Eight,
Snoogles Nine through Twenty—to number Ninety-Eight!
The Snoogleboo house was full, up to the top.
Mr. Snoogle said, “These new Snoogles must stop!
I’m tired of this house; my feet are all antsy.
I just want to travel wherever I fancy.”
Mrs. Snoogleboo said, “I know what we should do!
Let’s travel the world with our Snoogleboo crew!”

So 98 Snoogleboos left their home
To travel together—forever to roam!


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Poet. Singer. Writer. Mom.
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