Treasure in the Day

I watched the first season of American Idol, and most of the seasons after it. I love it, like most of America. On our last Disney trip, I even competed on the Hollywood Studios stage. I had a personal foray into the ACTUAL American Idol, too–but not as a contestant, bent on dominating the stage or winning Randy, Simon, and Paula’s approval. Several years ago, American Idol held a song writing competition for their winner to sing. I went to work, using my own quickly-growing children as my sentimental muses for this quasi sappy song. But I didn’t win the songwriter competition, and I entered two years in a row. Oh, well… So, for your Musical Monday listening pleasure, here’s my losing American Idol song: Treasure in the Day.

Treasure in the Day
   by Sara M. Allen

(verse 1)
With you here by my side—if only for a moment in time—
Don’t want to let you go—never be the same way again.
Close to you, oh…
Let me take a picture of this moment in my life—
Cause it will never pass this way again.
Savoring these feelings deep inside my soul;
Memories will keep it all alive—
Treasure in the day.
(verse 2)
You know how hard I’ve tried for all I want in my life.
Today we celebrate all the dreams realized.
All we yearn for…
Treasure in each smile,
Treasure in the tears,
Treasure in the journey,
Treasure in the years—



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1 Response to Treasure in the Day

  1. klyvian says:

    Never been a fan of American Idol. But I am a fan of Sara Allen. It’s like on America’s Funniest Videos – they never choose the funniest video. American Idol missed out on a gem…sappy as it may be, still a gem.

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