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I thought I’d share a song instead of a poem, story, or devotional. It’s one of my favorites that my husband and I have written; its simplicity and truth resonates deeply in my soul. I remember as a child, I would pick dandelions, buttercups, or violets that grew weedishly in our lawn for my mom, and she would look at them like I had brought her a treasure. And many times, I went berry picking, only to eat more than I brought home. As I thought about these things, I realized that God loves us like that, too. He loves us anyway.

You Love Me Anyway (to listen, click here)

You Love Me Anyway  c 2005, Sara and Shawn Allen

Clutching daisies in my dirty fist–it’s all I bring to You/ The roses weren’t ready, the lily’s gone by/ I didn’t grow them myself,/ I just picked them on the way/ Clutching daisies in my dirty fist/ And nothing much to say// All I bring You is broken and ill-gotten/ And I bring You this little bit of dirt/ And I give You all I treasure for today/ Clutching daisies in my dirty fist/ You love me anyway// Half bucket full of berries swinging at my waist/ My red-stained mouth gives me away/ I picked what You asked for, but then ate them on the way/ Half bucket full of berries/ And nothing much to say// All I bring You is eaten or left over/ And I bring You these stains of my shame/ And I give You only part of what You asked me for today/ Half bucket full of berries/ You love me anyway


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5 Responses to Song Post

  1. Tracy says:

    That was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent and your heart with us.

  2. Nancy Armstrong says:

    Gorgeous!! Look forward to more songs. So good to hear you!

  3. I love this song so much because it reminds me of my children, but also of my relationship with God. That I’m always “clutching daisies in my dirty fists” as an imperfect Christian that makes mistakes and has to ask for forgiveness. But as Sara Allen reminds us with her lyrics, He loves me anyway… The whole world needs to hear this song.

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