Recipe for a Humble Life

I was looking through my recipe box today, and I found a long-forgotten, much beloved recipe I’d like to share with you as we approach this holiday season. I wrote this recipe when I was 18, just having left home and all I knew behind. I felt a little lonely, just as many do during the holidays, but the Lord showed me this and it changed everything. My loneliness was gone, replaced by love and purpose.

Not everyone cares as much about my life as I do.

Not everyone cares about the things that I do.

Not everyone wants to know what I’m thinking.

Not everyone wants my answer to their problem.

Not everyone values my opinion.

Not everyone cares about what I want.

Not everyone is concerned about my agenda.

Not everyone loves me like I do.


Jesus cares more about my life than I do.

Jesus cares about the things that I do.

Jesus knows what I’m thinking.

Jesus is the answer to my problem.

Jesus knows my opinion.

Jesus cares about what I want.

Jesus is concerned about my agenda.

Jesus loves me more than I can imagine.

This frees me to be like Jesus—I should…

Care as much about others’ lives as He does.

Care about the things that they do.

Want to know what they’re thinking.

Value their answer to a problem.

Value their opinion.

Care about what they want.

Be concerned about their agenda.

Love them like Christ does.

May you be blessed by these principles and know this Love!


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Poet. Singer. Writer. Mom.
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