Veteran’s Day

I am very thankful for those who lay aside their dreams, families, careers, and even their lives as they serve our country in the military. Thank you! Thank you!

For Memorial Day this year, I meditated on the too short life of a young man I have never met: Army PFC Ross A. McGinnis, a 19 year old gunner who threw himself onto a grenade that been thrown into his vehicle, saving 4 other soldiers in 2006. I remembered that story in the news, and how it touched my heart: #1, that he so readily gave his life to save others, and #2, as a parent, my heart went out to the parents of this young man. I was thinking about how, though completely lost in their sadness, they must be proud of him–that when that moment came, he did what was right. It was a sad and sobering thought: that if I teach my children how to live “right”, it may cost them their life.

Deep emotion spawns poetic spark, so this past Memorial Day, I wrote him a poem…


Raised Him Right

dedicated to Ross McGinnis

by Sara Marie Allen

We taught him to do good, when he was just a boy,

And to be generous, as he learned to share his toy.

We taught him to be kind, and to look out for another,

To love every body, like they were a brother.

He knew that we were proud of him, when he chose to serve,

God and Country in the War, to give without reserve.

So when a grenade flew into the armored truck that day,

He threw himself upon it–all those inside he saved.

Without any hesitation, he chose to give his life–

Though we miss him–oh, so much–we know we raised him right.


For more information on Ross, you can visit this website:



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