What’s in a name?

We name things we create, and things that are important.  Sometimes we name things we own or claim.  We name stars, people, cars, pets, hurricanes…  Naming something is a privilege and an honor.

In the Bible, Jesus’s names are very significant:  “Immanuel” means “God with us”, “Christ” and “Messiah” mean “anointed one”, and “Jesus” means “God Saves”.   Those names foretell of who Jesus is, and what he did.

My husband and I had a tough time picking names for our children.  We each made lists after going through baby books, vetoed all the ones each of us disliked or that made the “top names” lists–and only a few choices remained.

As a writer, I find it difficult to name my characters.  I don’t want something mundane and overused, yet not something so odd that it might turn off a reader.  Also, in literature, names and their meanings sometimes carry significance or symbolism in a story; sometimes they tell of a character’s nationality or background.  Well, I picked the names of my two main characters: Tamara and Dominic.  You’ll have to wait and see why I chose those names in particular…

Names have significance. Some names even have sway and power over our thoughts and memories. Maybe you don’t like your name, or maybe you do.  But I guarantee it was chosen for a reason. 


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