In the mood for something funny?

I don’t know about you, but after a strange and tiny-bit-scary earthquake, I’m in the mood for a laugh.  So, today, I’m letting you have one at my own expense.
I wrote a poem over 20 years ago called “The He”.  It’s in (my favorite) Shel Silverstein style:

The He by Sara Marie Allen

There once was a girl 
with so much hair she was blue–
She simply didn’t know 
what was best to do.
She chopped it all off–
so careless and free–
And what do you know?  
She looked like a he.
Cute poem.  But fast forward, um, 10 years…  I am that girl with so much hair, that I chopped it all off…you get the picture. Well, I’m pumping gas at a station where the attendant greets each person pumping gas over a loudspeaker:  “Welcome, gentleman on pump 4!”; “Greetings lady on pump 10!”.  And–I KID YOU NOT–he said to me, as my back was turned to him, “Hello-ur-person on pump 7!”  I cringed, determining to grow my hair out immediately.

Anyone want to post their funny story?  We could all use a laugh or two on a day like today!


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