“My Motto” by Sara Marie Allen
When I’m inspired I have to write—
Just as I have to live.
And when I don’t, I cannot breathe
Until the words I give.
I’ve been writing my entire life.  Putting pen to paper–now fingers to keys–has been a healing balm to a wounded soul, a peek through a different lens for a better perspective, a reaching out of one heart to another, and a sacred thought on a wild adventure.

And now, it’s about inviting you, bloggers and guests, along for the ride.  So read, think, enjoy, fuel your own creativity, make a connection….  Let the journey begin.

About saramarieallen

Poet. Singer. Writer. Mom.
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1 Response to Welcome

  1. greg welchans says:

    Are you Sara Marie Flowers-Allen? If not I apologize….I am researching a family name (Welchans) and that name was attached to it. No need to reply if that is not you….thank you!

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